Why choose Scan My Pet ?

- Ultra light and high quality aluminum tags with a Lifetime protection plan
- No annual fees!
- Free online personal profile for your pet
- 24/7 assistance in the event your pet is lost
- Anyone with a Smartphone can scan the QRCode on the tag to get your contact info
- Scan My Pet it is also accessible online via serial number on the back of the tag;
- The information remains descreat

How it works:

1. To register, scan, using a code reader app, the QR code on the tag or go to the website
2. Enter the required data and create a personal profile for your pet;
3. Now Scan My Pet is active and ready to use!
4. In case of loss of the animal, you can contact the owner by scanning the QR code, or by entering the Scan My Pet code in the specific section of our website;
5. The owner is notified in real time, and dates back to the location of his pet.

QR Code: What is it?

The QR code is a two dimensional bar code composed of blacks modules arranged within a square pattern. The name QR is short for “quick response”, in virtue of the fact that the code was created to enable rapid decoding of its content. It was developed in 1994 on behalf of Toyota to track parts of automobiles in the factories. It is used to store a large number of information generally intended to be read via a smartphone.

Will my Scan My Pet only work with certain QR code readers?

The QR code will work with any QR code reader. A few of our favorite free QR code readers App are iNigma, Redlaser and Bakodo

What is on my pet's online profile?

Your online pet profile includes: a picture of your pet, all of your contact information, your pet's date of birth, breed, veterinarian, gender, medical and dietary information. There is even an additional information section where you can add anything you want. If your pet is lost, the person who finds them will have all of the information he or she needs to take care of your pet and quickly contact you to return him/her home safely. To view a sample profile, click here

What do you do if you have found a pet with a Scan My Pet Pls! QR Code pet tag?

You can access the pet owner's contact information and special medical or dietary needs of the pet by simply scanning the QR code on the pet tag with your smartphone. No need to load up the pet and take it to the nearest veterinarian to scan a microchip. If you do not have a smartphone, you can simply go to our website and enter the serial number on the tag.

Why Scan My Pet?

Advantages of using Scan My Pet QR Code pet tags:

- Affordable life-lasting service price
- Higly visible pet tag
- The tag contains extensive information about your pet
- You have the ability to update your pets information over time
- QR Code tags for pets do not require a visit to the Veterinarian
- You may include as much information about your pet as you would like to help get them home faster

Disadvantages of using standard tags:

- You have no way to update contact information
- You have no room to put veterinarian information, alternative contact methods, medical information or additional information.

Disadvantages of using implanted microchips alone:

- Chips are not visible.
- Chips must be scanned by a veterinarian
- Access to contact information is not immediate

We recommend that all pets be implanted with microchips in conjunction with Scan My Pet tags. This is important because pet tags can become separated from your pet while it is lost and microchips ensure that your contact information is always with your pet. Conversely, the person who finds your pet would be more willing to approach it if it he or she saw the tags and, consequently, knows that it is likely to be docile. Also, Scan My Pet tags allows your information to be presented immediately rather than having to be taken to the veterinarian's office.

What do you do when you find a pet wearing a Scan My Pet tag?

You can simply scan the QR Code with your smartphone or go to our website and enter the pet tag serial # to search for that animal's online pet profile. When you view the profile, you will have all of the contact information you need to get the pet safely home!
If you don't have a smartphone, connect with a PC to the site and enter the alphanumeric code on the tag.

Are Scan My Pet high-quality and durable?

Each pet tag is made out of high quality anodized aluminum and the QR Code is protected under a layer of transparent gel.
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